Vero Slim Drawers - User Guide

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  • Job Property Selections
  • Room & Cabinet Level Selections
  • Drawer previews
  • Individual Drawer Selections
    • Adjust Height Using Clearances
    • Drawer Properties > Method
    • Selecting Drawer Depths
    • Custom Height Drawer - Add a Railing Set
  • Inner Drawer previews
  • Individual Roll Out Selections
    • Selecting Heights
    • Attach Roll Out to Front (Space Pantry)
    • Adjusting Drawer Depth)
    • How much Clearance is needed on my inner drawers

Job Property Selections - Cabinet > Construction > Drawer - Roll Outs

  • Vero Slim Dwr System
    • Uses all drawer sizes available in the Drawer Guide Schedule
  • Vero Slim Dwr (M), Vero Slim Dwr (K), Vero Slim Dwr (D)
    • Limit the Job, Room, Assembly or Section to the sizes you choose

Job Property Selections - Cabinet > Materials > Drawer Box - Roll Out

  • There is only one option for 'Vero Slim Drawer'
    • Modify for this job if you wish to change materials
    • Example: Drawer Bottom and Drawer Back materials

Job Property Selections - Cabinet > Hardware > Drawer Guide Schedule

  • Vero Slim Drawer 35 kg

Cabinet Level Selections for Drawers and Roll Outs (and Room level Selections)

  • Construction, Material and Hardware selections for drawers and roll outs are the same options as shown in the Job Properties selections
  • Job Properties is the best place to make selections
    • If the room drawers differ to the Job Properties, Room Properties is the next best place to make selections
    • If the cabinet drawers differ to Job Properties (or Room Properties), Cabinet Properties is the next best place to make selections

Drawer Previews

  • Drawers are allocated to drawer openings automatically
  • The largest drawer that will fit will be used

Individual Drawer Selections - Using clearances

  • Assembly Level > Section View
  • Using Top and Bottom Clearances in the Drawer Section Editor
  • Estimate the space needed above a drawer using clearances to 'bump' down the drawers height

Individual Drawer Selections - Using Drawer Properties

  • Assembly Level > Section View
  • Right Click Drawer > Properties > Drawer Properties > Drawer Box > Construction Method > Select the desired drawer

Individual Drawer Selections - Selecting Depths

  • Assembly Level > Section View
  • Left Click Drawer > Select Drawer Depth from drop-down on the side bar

Inner Drawer Previews

  1. Vero Slim Dwr System - Inner Drawer heights are selected from the side bar
  2. Toggle between Vero Slim Dwr-(M), (K) & (D) in Roll Out Section Properties

Individual Roll Out Selections - Roll Out Tray Properties

  • Assembly Level > Section View > Section Interior
  • Right Click Roll Out > Properties (or Double Left Click) > Roll Out > Construction Method
  • In the following image I select Vero Slim Dwr-(K)

Connecting the Roll Out to the Drawer Front is an easy way to make a 'Space Pantry'

  • By default the Roll Out Tray has an Inner Front Kit
  • Click on the Roll Out Back (ROBK) in one of the orthographic views
  • Connect Roll Out to Front using Attribute on the side bar
  • You can also select a wooden panel

Adjusting the depth of a Roll Out

  • Back in Section View > Section Interior > Subtract 50mm from the existing 'Depth' adjustment

How do I know how much clearance is needed on my inner drawers?

  • We have added the Minimum Above and Minimum Below values to the Roll Out Guides
  1. Left Click the ROG part in orthographic view - Observe 'Minumum Below Guide' value
  2. Move to Section Editor > Left Click below the Roll Out Tray
  3. Enter the Height
  4. Lock Height

In Cabinet Vision Version 12 we have started to notch the drawer bottoms to suit the back connection