Hafele Alto Drawers - Post Import

Contents of this Article...

  • Use or replace the new imported edge banding
  • Organise Hafele Alto material groups in the Material Manager
  • Remove empty groups
  • Order of UCS

We need to move new materials into appropriate Groups, then delete any unneeded Materials or Empty Groups...

  • One of the decisions is whether to use the imported edge band or to substitute it with an existing edge band
  • In this example I substitute with an existing edge band
  1. Open material Manager
  2. Expand the new group with the package name
  3. Left Click the Banding Group

In this section I delete the imported edge band so that I can replace it with the edge band that I already have in the system

  1. Right Click > Delete imported band to substitue for your existing product
  2. Confirm Delete > Click OK
  3. Click Yes to replace 1mm White Banding with your own 1mm edge band material
  4. Select your own banding group
  5. Select your own banding material - This will be used to replace the deleted material (Repeat 1,2 and 3 as needed)
  6. Delete the empty banding group

Delete any banding products you already have on the system

  • When we delete 1mm white banding we will be prompted to select a replacement material

e) Select your own material - This will be used to replace the deleted material (Repeat c,d and e)

In this section I will move the new 'Hafele' Group up to the 'Guides' Group

  1. Expand Drawer Guides
  2. Left Click and Drag the 'Grass' group up into the 'Guides' Group
  3. Right Click and Delete any empty groups to finish in the Material Manager

Lastly we would usually move the UCS up making it easy to find in future...

  • Note, there is currently no support for Railing sets
  • This will be added soon

You're all set up - Start a test job and you're good to go