Appliance and Furnishing NZ - User Guide

Contents of this Article...

  • Raked Ceiling Attributes
  • Job or Room Properties (System Parameters)
    • Sink Outset
    • Hob Outset
  • Working with Sinks
  • Appliance Finishes (Room Materials)
  • Appliance Finish (Smeg Fridge)

Raked Ceiling Attributes

The ceiling surface runs diagonally across the object from the Bottom-Back to the Face-Top

  • Here is an End View
Untitled [Assembly] - CABINET VISION
  • Raked Ceiling (Length)
    • Starts at the Object Width
  • Raked Ceiling (Position)
    • Starts at zero
Untitled [Assembly] - CABINET VISION
  • Raked Ceiling (Length)
    • Valid lengths = Any value > zero
  • Raked Ceiling (Position)
    • Moves position at Face-Top from left to right
Untitled [Assembly] - CABINET VISION

Job or Room Properties (System Parameters)

You're able to set required 'Hob' and 'Sink' outset in 'Job Properties' Notes

  • Outset (Hob) = 55mm (Default)
  • Outset (Sink) = 75mm (Default)

Working with Sinks

Once the sink has been positioned in job...

  1. Note: Position of sink off of the wall (Outset) from parameters
  2. Select a tap for your sink (a good virility of models provided)
  3. Select a waste master for checking clearance etc...
  4. If your sink is a under-mount design, then you can drop the sink in the counter top to represent this.

Appliance Finishes (Room Materials)

  1. Click Room to bring up the 'Room Properties'
  2. General Tab
  3. Material > Drop-down > Select desired room finish combination

Appliance Finish (Smeg Fridge)

The Smeg FAB28 Series of refrigerators can have their color changed to suite their classic look.

  1. Default is a stainless steel look.
  2. Select the object (Fridge)
  3. Click on 'Appliance Finish'
  4. Choose the color pallet for your job.
  5. 'Appliance Finish' is now the new selected color.