Appliance NZ Catalog - Clean Up After Package Import

First we want to move the Appliance Texture Group up and delete any unneeded Empty Groups

a) Open The Material Manager

b) Open The Texture Manager

c) Expand the groups created by the package

d) Using navigation arrows, move the 'Appliance' group up to the position shown here

e) Delete empty groups

f) Close the Texture Manager

Next we want to move the Appliance Group up in the Material Manager and remove any unwanted Empty Groups

a) Left click and drag 'Appliance' group up and drop on to the 'Miscellaneous' group

b) Left click on the new Stainless Steel material and drop into the 'Miscellaneous' group

c) Delete empty groups left over by the package import

d) Close The Material Manager

Lastly, it's time to check the Room Schedules...

a) Open Material Schedules

b) Select the 'Room' catagory

c) You will likely have 'MATERIAL NOT ASSIGNED' to new appliance parts created by the package

Appliances won't look good at all if your Room Schedule looks like this - Read on...

d) Select Gloss Floor

e) Right Click to 'Change Material in Multiple Schedules' - This needs to be repeated for all new parts. Only then will the Appliance package works on your system...

f) Select 'Apply' and all other Room Schedule selections for this part will now use 'Material for currently selected part'

g) Repeat steps e) and f) for all new parts...

Then you're all set up! Start a job and test it out!