Blum Aventos Basic - User Guide

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  • Selecting Your Hinge in Section View
  • Aventos Basic Attributes
  • Examples

Selecting Your Hinge in Section View

  1. Section Face
  2. Section Door (Or doors)
  3. Door Hinge Top
  4. Door Properties
  5. Select Hinge Tab
  6. Change Hinge
  7. Expand Hinge > Blum > Aventos Basic
  8. Select the desired hinge
  9. Click OK
  10. The result

Note for Bi-Fold cabinets using Aventos HF: Make sure your top and bottom doors are the same height

  • A good way to achieve this is right click each door in Section View and 'Equalize Height'

Aventos Basic Attributes

  1. Click on the door in orthographic view
  2. Top Overlay adjustment
  3. Aventos HK-XS Stay options - Left, Right, Both, None
  4. Aventos Load Factor (LF)
  5. Aventos Power Factor Recommendation
  6. Result using Aventos HK-XS Stays set to 'Both'
Aventos Basic CV12 and HK Top.cvj [Assembly] - Solid Ultimate

Other Examples...