Blum Aventos HL - Post Import

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  • Order of UCS
  • Material Manager - Moving and deleting groups

Order of UCS

In this article we start by moving the UCS into position. We suggest grouping UCS in an order that makes them easy to find. For example we group hinge UCS together. Another thing to consider if using the Joinery IT System is that we place System UCS last...

  1. There are 4 x UCS in this package and after import they are at the bottom of the list. Left Click the UCS imediatly above the 4 UCS and scroll up in the list to find the position where these 4 will end up
  2. Holding the 'Shift' key down Left Click to select all UCS between
  3. Use the down arrow to move all UCS in between down. Effectively the four UCS move all the way up - one with each click

Material Manager - Moving and deleting groups

Secondly we take a look at where the material group is positioned (Splash Screen > Material Manager)

  1. Expand the group with the name matching our package
  2. Left Click the 'Aventos HL' group and move it up into your hinge group
  3. Delete remaining empty groups
  4. Repeat as needed

That's it! The Aventos HL package is ready to use in a job - Take a look at the User Guide...