Joinery IT Scratch Database - Restore database files

Contents of this Article...

  • Planning CV2021 setup
  • Unzip downloaded files
  • Restore Utility
  • Open Setup Package Utility and import the Parameters package

Before you Restore - Plan your CV2021 work...

  • YES - This process will replace all existing files
  • We strongly recommend having your existing "setup" available in the previous version or even better, on another PC running the same version of Cabinet Vision
  • Any materials, schedules, textures etc can be exported/packaged from your existing setup and imported via the Setup Package Utility (A great opportunity to clean out the system by bringing forward just the items you need!)

Our next step is to Unzip the downloads

  1. Place the downloaded files into the Automatic Backups folder
  2. Right click > Extract All
  3. Un-check "Show extracted files when complete"
  4. Extract
Automatic Backups
Automatic Backups

Restoring the Scratch Database...

Should look something like this...

  • Click OK
Automatic Backups

We're ready to import the parameters package into Cabinet Vision > Splash Screen > Utilities > Setup Utility

  1. Open the "Scratch Data Parameters" package
  2. Switch to import mode - Swap between Creation and Import Modes
  3. Import Package Contents
  4. Import Complete - Click OK

Import Complete - What's next?

You'll need an hour or so to set your defaults in the Euro Cabinets assembly construction - Take a look at the Post Import article for easy steps...