Hafele Innobox Drawers - Post Import Cleanup

Contents of this Article...

  • Organise imported materials in the Material Manager
    • You'll find the materials more easily later on and your co-workers will also be able to locate them 
  • Check your cost prices
  • Check the order of UCS

After import we need to put the imported material away - It'll make the guides easier to find in the event you make drawer section selections one day...

a) Take a look in the Material Manager after import and locate the shelf support

  1. Splash screen > Material Manager
  2. Expand the new group at the bottom
  3. Expand Drawer Guide group
  4. Left Click Drag the Hafele Group up and release left button on Drawer Guide Group above
  5. Right Click > Delete Group - Remove all empty groups from the bottom of the material manager

Edit the Funktion Drawer Set material cost prices...

a) While we're in the material Manager, locate the material again and check the price of the shelf support

  1. Material Manager > Drawer Guide > Hafele > Funktion > Right Click each guide > Properties
  2. Vendor
  3. Edit your price (rinse and repeat until you have your pricing updated...)
    1. For SKU Codes, we've used the Cat.No. from Hafele NZ's 'The A Book'

The final step is to consider the position/order of your UCS - If you group like UCS together you may wish the move the UCS up in the UCS list. We recommend moving the package up above our 'Joinery IT Drawer System UCS.'

Time to start a job and try your new Funktion drawers out!