Hailo Laundry Carrier - User Guide

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  • Sectioning and Cabinet Level Selections
  • Sectioning in larger cabinet widths
  • Drawer Section Property Selections

Section an assembly to be a single drawer

  1. Take a cabinet to Assembly level > Section View
  2. Delete all Face and Interior sections
  3. Click Yes
  4. Left Click the assembly face and select the drawer option on the side bar

Next we will make property selections - Still in the Section View

  1. Section View > Properties > Construction
  2. Drawer Construction > Hailo Laundry-Carrier
  3. Materials > Drawer Box > No Drawer Box Parts
  4. Hardware > Drawer Guide Schedule > Hailo Laundry Carrier-45 or Hailo Laundry Carrier-60

Let's take a look at the result after making our selections. Note: the assembly width is set by the UCS when only a single drawer is selected.

How about a wider cabinet?
Here I've sectioned the Hailo Laundry Carrier next to a pair of doors...

  • Opening width needs to be set at or between 412 - 418 mm for the Hailo Laundry Carrier-45
  • Opening width needs to be set at or between 562 - 568 mm for the Hailo Laundry Carrier-60

Finally, lets take a look at Drawer Section Selections (Only use the drawer section if your assembly has other drawers sectioned...)

  1. Right Click Drawer Section > Properties
  2. Drawer Box
  3. Set Construction Method to Hailo Laundry-Carrier
  4. Set Material Schedule to No Drawer Box Parts
  5. Change Guide
  6. Drawer Guide
  7. Hafele
  8. The A Book
  9. Select desired laundry carrier
    1. Hailo Laundry Carrier-45
    2. Hailo laundry Carrier-60
  10. Click OK