Hettich Intermat Hinges - Post Import Clean Up

Contents of this article

  • Material Manager house keeping
  • Use imported banding or delete
  • Blum Hinge Group position in Mater Manager
  • Blum Hinge UCS order

First we want to move new materials into appropriate Groups and delete any unneeded Materials and Empty Groups

  1. Open Material Manager
  2. Expand imported groups
  3. Left Click - Drag > Hettich Hinge Group up to the Hinge group
  4. Left Click - Drag > Hettich Hinge Plate Group up to the Hinge Plate group
  5. Delete each of the empty groups the import has left behind

Lastly we need to move the three UCS up above any UCS labelled as 'System' - We suggest grouping your UCS so they are easy to find later...

  1. Left Click > Shift Click the group of UCS above that you wish to move down
  2. Left Click the down arrow three times to move the highlighted group down into position - And bringing the three UCS up in the order

UCS have a sequence and the system UCS must run last. IE: After the Hinge UCS group...

You're all set up - Start a test job and you're good to go