Oval Wardrobe Rail - What's Included

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Oval Rail Materials Description
Hettich Wardrobe Oval Tube (3600 x 30 x 16mm)
Hettich Wardrobe Tube (3600 x 30 x 16mm Oval Profile Clear Anodised)
Hettich Oval Profile Bracket - SL 323 DD
Hettich Oval Profile Bracket (SL 323 DD)
Hettich Oval Centre Support - SL 786 DD
Hettich Oval Profile Centre Support (SL 323 DD)
Hafele Oval Rail (2500 x 30 x 16mm)
Hafele Wardrobe Rail (2500 x 30 x 16mm Oval Profile Clear Anodised)
Hafele Wardrobe Rail Support
Hafele Oval Rail Support W/PIN NI.PL
Hafele Oval Centre Support - 85-100mm
Hafele Oval Profile Centre Support
Oval Centre Support - 71mm
Oval Profile Centre Support

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