Profile Rails - Package Import

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  • Alert - Start with a backup
  • Extract the download
  • Open Setup Package Utility and import the package

Before you get started is a great time to back up your Cabinet Vision files...

  • If something doesn't go exactly to plan you'll be able to start over
  • Take a look at our ScreenSteps on the Backup Utility

Our next step is to Unzip the download

  1. Right click > Extract All
  2. Un-check "Show extracted files when complete"
  3. Extract

An easy way is to place a copy of the zip file into your job folder > Right Click and 'Extract All'

We're ready to import the package into Cabinet Vision > Splash Screen > Utilities > Setup Utility

  1. Open the package with the Setup Utility
  2. Swap between Creation and Import Modes
  3. Overwrite All Matches with Package Contents
  4. Import Package Contents
  5. Click OK

Import Complete - You're nearly done - Continue on to the 'Post Import Cleanup' guide