Strip Handles - Generic Edition - User Guide

Contents of this Article...

  • UCS Public Variable for Pre-mill Settings
  • Job Properties
  • Base Cabinet - Strip Handle Positions
  • Upper Cabinet
  • Using the Center Profile
  • UCS Public Variable for 'Ezy Handle' Profile

Before we start, lets consider whether you are pre-milling for edge banding in the factory

Here we need to set the UCS Public Variables to match your S2M Preferences

a) Screen-to-Machine Preferences > Geometry > Pre-mill edgebanding

b) UCS > PULL-Strip handle-2 (S_DSLAB) > Match the settings to your S2M Preferences

Using Strip Handles in a Job is easy. We start in Job Properties by selecting a handle that matches the size of the handle we use. Note: The strip handle in this package will automatically adjust to suit the door thickness used...

a) Job Properties > Cabinet > Hardware > Pull Schedule
In my example I'm using a 32mm Strip Handle

With the job started, let's start by looking at how a Base Cabinet looks...

a) You'll notice the Strip Handle is positioned at the top of the door by default. Vanity Cabinets use the same default...

You'll notice the Door Assembly remains the usual size. The Door Slab Part however, has been resized automatically by 32mm to suit my handle selection.

b) Next I will change the location of the handle. Take your cabinet to Section View > Door Properties > Pulls >

Since our Reference Default for a base cabinet is at the Top of the door, I'll select Center to change the position. This will place the Strip Handle opposite the hinge side of the door...

c) Here's a look when our Reference is set to Bottom...

d) Try changing the Pull Quantity to two...

For an Upper Cabinet we set the Reference Default to the Bottom and for Tall Cabinets we set the Reference Default to Center.

The Center Profile can be used to join two doors on a pantry...

a) Take your Pantry to Section View > Right Click top door > Properties
Remove the Strip Handle from the top door by setting Pull Quantity to zero

b) Right Click the bottom door > Properties > Set Reference to the Top and then Change the material

c) Select the Center Profile Handle that matches your strip handle size

How we are going so far? Here's a zoom on the side view - Just a Size Adjustment and an Edge Band to come off the top door...

e) In Section View > Left Click the top door > Size Adjustments > Bottom. Make the appropriate Size Adjustment to the bottom of the door here

f) In the Front Orthographic View > Right Click the Top Door > Edge Banding > To remove the bottom edge band, we actually need to Band the other three edges

I find it easiest to select all three edges while holding down the control key first > Then select the door banding from the side bar...

Here's an update zoom on the side view. We're happy as Larry! If you have any questions about your Strip Handles for Slab Doors Package you're welcome to email us >

Finally, we take a look at the Easy Profile option

a) Open the UCS and set the Easy Type variable to True

b) The section view of your center profile will look like this

c) And the cross section of your other handles will look like this