Blum Tandembox Plus - Post Import

Contents of this Article...

  • Organise groups in Material Manager
  • Remove empty groups
  • Order of UCS

Organise Groups in Material Manager

  1. Expand the imported group DWR-Blum Antaro > Drawer Guide > Blum
  2. Move up into the main Drawer Guide Group > Left Click Drag

Remove Empty Groups

  1. Right Click > Delete
  2. Repeat as needed

Order of UCS

  1. Left Click - Shift Left Click all UCS that you wish to move down
  2. Arrow the selected UCS down (6 times)

IMPORTANT - Order the Dwr-Advanced UCS set to be after Dwr-Blum Antaro UCS set

Happy days. Move on to read about whats included and start a test job!