Blum Tandembox Plus - User Guide

Contents of this Article...

  • Job Properties
  • Cabinet Properties
  • Section Properties
  • Custom Drawer Height
  • Space Tower
  • Blum Drawer Press - Activate Extra Boring
  • Material Parameters - Edit Bottom Bore sizes in Solid Advanced

Job or Room Properties (Recommended)

  • Drawer Construction (Blum TB Plus System)
  • Roll Out Construction (Blum TB Plus-System)
  • Drawer Material (Blum TB Plus)
  • Roll Out Material (Blum TB Plus)
  • Drawer Guides (Blum TB Plus 30kg)

Cabinet Properties

  • Drawer Construction
    • Add Double Boxside by selecting Blum TB Plus Boxside
    • Add Double Rails by selecting Blum TB Plus Dbl Rail
    • Limit drawer heights EG: Blum TB Plus (D), Blum TB Plus (B), Blum TB Plus (M) etc
  • Roll Out Construction
    • Select specific inner drawers by switching Roll Out constructions
  • Drawer Guides
    • Use Blum TB Plus 65kg on larger drawers as desired

Section Properties

  • Drawer Construction - Change individual drawer constructions to control each drawer
  • Roll Out Construction - Change individual inner drawer constructions to control each drawer

Custom Drawer Height - Assembly Level > Orthographic View

  1. Left Click Drawer or Roll Out Back
  2. Use 'Drawer Box Height (Max size)' attribute from the side bar for suitable drawer heights (We're using 64mm increments)
  3. I've selected 327.5mm (Note: An extra rail set is added to the drawer automatically)
  4. Finally I select 2 for the Rail Set (Qty)
  5. Now I have two extra rail sets added to the drawer complete with brackets

Space Tower - Start with an empty cabinet...

  1. Section Face > Drawer
  2. Section Interior > Horizontal Split
  3. Place the desired number of Roll Outs
  4. Move to an orthographic view > Left Click Roll Out Back > Connect Roll Out to Front
  5. 3D View after connecting Roll Out 1 & Roll Out 3 to the front - I set Roll Out 2 & Roll Out 4 to be M height and left them as internal drawers
  6. Cut List
  7. Right Click > Save As > Make sure to preserve the Attributes when saving the Space Tower to your library

Blum Drawer Press

  1. Add System Parameter to activate extra boring - You can add into System Parameters or use our setup package which is included on the website to download/install seperately
  2. Look at the result in 3D

Material Parameters for Bottom Bore Sizes

Solid Ultimate - You can edit the bottom boring sizes in the Model Editor directly

Solid Advanced - Use material parameters to control the bottom bore sizes

  • Right Click > Edit each guide material > Parameters