How do I Restore from a Backup?

We store zip files of our Cabinet Vision Backups on DropBox - In this article we will copy the file into the Automatic Backups folder, extract the files and restore the files into Cabinet Vision...

a) Locate the backup file in DropBox and copy. Navigate to the Automatic Backups folder and paste.

For Cabinet Vision Version 11
C:\Cabinet Vision\Solid 11\Automatic Backups

b) Right Click and 'Extract All'

Once the files have extracted completely we are ready to run the Restore Utility.

a) Windows Start > All Programs > Solid 11 > Restore Solid 11 Settings

You're able to pin this to the Start to make it easier to find in future...

Example: Here's the Solid 11 group from my Start menu as an example

b) Click OK and the Restore Utility will load the files from the backup into the program folder and the Update Version routine will run completing the process.

Your files have been restored! Time for a coffee and a Tim-Tam!