Shadowline Channel and more - Post Import

Contents of this Article...

  • UCS Public Variable Defaults
  • Part Manager Settings
  • Add Conditions into Assembly Construction
  • Create your Shadowline Rules (Example below for 2-Piece L-Shaped Rail)

PLEASE NOTE: Some setup steps are optional...

Before adding conditional branches into your existing assembly construction method we recommend using the Euro Cabinets assembly method (included in the package) to test things out. IE: Ultimately, including conditions into your own assembly construction method is optional.

  • Using 'Euro Cabinets' for initial testing you get to see Shadowlines working straight away
  • Your choice: It may be easier to modify the Euro Cabinets method to suit your needs

UCS Public Variable Defaults

  1. L-Shaped (Cut as One Kerf) - Saw blade thickness for re-cut
  2. L-Shaped (Cut as One) - True/False

Part Manager

  1. Locate "Shadowline Edge" and "Shadowline Rail" Parts in the Material Manager
  2. CNC Tab > Check the box for "Optimize" and "CNC" if you wish to cut these parts on the nest with other parts in your job

Add Conditions into Assembly Construction

  • Our UCS will add the _SHADOW parameter to base cabinets according to the selection made in the Pull Schedule
  • Add _SHADOW values appropriate for your needs into the Conditions area of the Assembly Manager
  1. Open the Assembly Manager > Click on Conditions
  2. Click New
  3. Enter _SHADOW values for use in the Assembly Construction
    1. Shadowline (1) - _SHADOW == 1 > One-Piece Shadowline Rail
    2. Shadowline (2) - _SHADOW == 2 > L-Shaped Shadowline Rail
    3. Shadowline (3) - _SHADOW == 3 > C-Shaped Shadowline Rail
    4. Channel - _SHADOW == 4 > Shadowline Channel (Uses material sizes from materials assigned to Outer and Middle Shadowline Channel parts in the Assembly Material Schedule)

Create your Shadowline Rules

  • The following example runs through possible settings for an L-Shaped Rail positioned horizontally for Doors and Drawers
  • There are some questions that have been skipped
  • Only add your conditions to questions that apply
  • Make sure to run through to the very end on your first time through

Here are the ones I added for the Horizontal L-Shaped Shadowline Rail and Edge

  1. Modify the Shadowline branch of questions
  2. Standard 41 - Shadowline Construction Method
  3. Standard 45 - Edge Band
  4. Standard 52 - Shadowline type for drawer
  5. Standard 62 - Shadowline to your top drawer
  6. Standard 70 - Shadowline to your middle drawer
  7. Standard 64 - Shadowline type for door
  8. Standard 65 - Shadowline to your top door
  9. Standard 72 - Shadowline to your middle door
  10. Standard 48 - Shadowline L-Shaped depth
  11. Standard 49 - Shadowline L-Shaped height
  12. Standard 74 - Shadowline L-Shaped offset
  13. Standard 91 - Shadowline Door/Drawer bottom adjustment from L-Shaped Rail
  14. Standard 90 - Shadowline Door/Drawer top adjustment from L-Shaped Rail