Hafele AXILO Plinth System - User Guide

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  • Construction Settings
  • Assembly Schedule
  • Position Logic
  • Height Logic
  • Preview

Construction Settings

Allow the use of, and check that you have appropriate distances set in the construction method for your feet

  1. Standard #481 - Check 'Legs' or 'Both'
  2. Standard #482 - Distance from face of cabinet to center of leg
  3. Standard #484 - Distance from back of cabinet to center of leg
  4. Standard #486 - Distance from finished end of cabinet to center of leg
  5. Standard #488 - Distance from unfinished end of cabinet to center of leg

Schedule Manager > Assembly Schedule

  1. Select the most popular size in your Assembly Schedules

Feet Position Logic

  1. Parameters are used to assist the UCS in making position movement
  2. In general most legs will realise the correct parameters, however, if required to you can adjust these attributes on the side bar
  3. When Parameters correctly indicate the legs position within the cabinet, Cabinet Vision positions legs as expected behind the Toe Faces
  4. Use Section Editor > Cabinet Properties > Toe, to make plinth size adjustments

Feet Height Logic

  • The UCS will substitute materials as required so the order is correct for respective plinth heights