Exposed Cabinet Rails - Post Import

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  • Part Manager - Check Frame Parts to Optimise and CNC
  • Material Manager - Put Pull Material Group away
  • Set your rail size
  • User Created Standards - Order of UCS

Part Manager - Here we set the Top Rail and Mid Rail to Optimise...

  1. Select Face
  2. Left Click the CNC tab
  3. Review Optimise settings
    • Check the box next to the parts you wish to cut on the nest

Material Manager - Put material group away

  1. Expand the groups that have just been imported
  2. Left Click Drag the Cabinet Rail group up to the Pull group above

Set your rail size - Set the following items to customise the 2 piece rail size your way

  1. Material Manager > 68 x 40mm Cabinet Rail for Finger Pull > Properties > Parameters - Set your Cabinet Rail Cutout size
  2. Edit Material name and description to suit your needs

User Created Standards - Move Cabinet Rails UCS group up to an expected position

  1. Left Click the position you would like to move UCS up to
  2. Shift Click the UCS immediately above the Cabinet Rails UCS group
  3. Move the selected group down using decrease standards priority tool