Gola Profile Rail - What's Included

Contents of this Article...

  • Supporting package - Joinery IT Catalog
  • End View
  • System Parameter - Design Mode
  • 6 x UCS and Public Variables
  • Cabinet Attributes
  • Pull Material Schedules
  • Profile Rail Materials
    • Gola Top Rail - L Profile 44 x 24mm
    • Gola Mid Rail - C Profile 64 x 24mm
  • Support is added for Horizontal grained ends and partitions
  • Corner Clearance Options (Cross Sections)

Support package included - Joinery IT Catalog

  • This package uses library parts shaped around top and mid rails

Orthographic End View

System Parameter - Design Mode (for profile rails) [Yes-No]

  • A job level note so you can switch between shaping ends for Mid Rails or using a rebate/dado operation for each Mid Rail
    • Set Design Mode to 'Yes' on your Design Systems and ends will be shaped in the design drawing
    • Toggle Design Mode to 'No' on your Detail System so the ends get a single band

See the following images...

  1. Design Mode (Yes), Mid Rail penetration all the way through the end. IE: Edge band is split between rails
  2. Design Mode (No), Mid Rail penetration through end is rebated. IE: 1mm is left on for edge band machine (Note: Shape End for Rails Default set to 'Shape Top and Rebate Mid')

UCS - Public Variables (Pictured below)

Profile Rail - Gola-1

  • Auto-add to Horizontal Reveals
  • Auto-add to Top Reveals
  • Gola Corner Clear-out Method
    • Outline
    • Drill
    • None (Default)
  • Gola Corner Check for Outline (DX)
  • Gola Corner Check for Outline (DY)

Profile Rail - Gola-3

  • Move Rail Down
    • Mid Rails center position will automatically be adjusted down from the reveal center by this amount

Profile Rail - Gola-5

  • Shape Ends for Rails (Default)
    • Shape Top and Mid
    • Shape Top and Rebate Mid
    • Use Shape Editor
  • Rebate Depth

Cabinet Level Attributes

  • Profile Rail - Top Rail
    • Activate and deactivate the top rail and end cut outs
  • Profile Rail - Top (Adjust Left)
    • Adjusts the top rail left
  • Profile Rail - Top (Adjust Right)
    • Adjusts the top rail right
  • Profile Rail - Top (Hide)
    • Hide the top rail when a rail from another cabinet spans this rail space
    • This option keeps end cut outs for the top rail
Material Schedule Door Pull - Top Profile Rails Drawer Pull - Mid Profile Rails
Profile Rail - Gola [44-64]
3.9m Profile Rail-44mm Gola-L (Aluminium)
3.9m Profile Rail-64mm Gola-C (Aluminium)
Gola by Archant - Profile Rails SKU Description
3.9m Profile Rail-44mm Gola-L (Aluminium)
1416 AL
Alluminium Gola L Profile Rail 3900 x 44 x 24mm
3.9m Profile Rail-64mm Gola-C (Aluminium)
1422 AL
Alluminium Gola C Profile Rail 3900 x 64 x 24mm

Support is added for Horizontal grained ends and partitions

  • Edit your construction method to use horizontal grain for ends, partitions or dividers and the parts are ready for both design and manufacture

Corner Clear-out isn't required with Gola Profile Rail
It is included with the package however...

Use UCS Public Variable to toggle between the following if you need it...
(Shown here with 2 piece exposed cabinet rails)

  1. Outline
  2. Drill
  3. None (Default)