Strip Handles - NZ Edition - Package Import

Contents of this Article...

  • Support Package - Joinery IT Catalog for CV11
  • Alert - Start with a backup
  • Check Door Band (A limitation of this package is that band letters P and Q must be available for the import)
  • Extract package from the download
  • Import into Cabinet Vision using the Setup Package Utility

Remember to install the Joinery IT Catalog for CV11

Follow the instructions included with that app - We recommend doing it prior to setting this one up.

Before you get started is a great time to back up your Cabinet Vision files...

  • If something doesn't go exactly to plan you'll be able to start over
  • Take a look at our ScreenSteps on the Backup Utility

Our first step is to take a look at the Part Catalog...

  • We're checking to make sure band letters P and Q are available for the package to use during import

In the images following we are going through the motions of 'adding a new banding part' so we can check 'P band' and 'Q band' are available

  1. Splash Screen > Part Manager
  2. Left Click and Expand the Door group
  3. Left Click Banding group
  4. Left Click New
  5. Review - We're checking that S_BNDP and S_BNDQ are in the list
  6. Cancel

If yes, move on to unzipping the download.

If the P and/or Q band parts are missing from the list, this indicates the part is being used already...

  • You will need to locate them and replace them. Using an alternate band letter
  • This must be completed before you proceed

Our next step is to Unzip the download

  1. Right click > Extract All
  2. Un-check "Show extracted files when complete"
  3. Extract

An easy way is to place a copy of the zip file into your job folder > Right Click and 'Extract All'

We're ready to import the package into Cabinet Vision > Splash Screen > Utilities > Setup Utility

  1. Open the package
  2. Switch to import mode - Swap between Creation and Import Modes
  3. Overwrite all Matches
  4. Import Package Contents
  5. Click OK

Import Complete - You're nearly done - Continue on to the 'Post Import Cleanup'...