Strip Handles - NZ Edition - Post Import

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  • Organise imported materials into groups and remove empty unwanted groups
  • Assign banding materials to all door schedule

Organising materials into appropriate groups and removing empty groups left behind

  • Splash Screen > Material Manager

The objective is to make materials easy for other users to find when making material selections. Follow these steps to tidy things up...

  1. Left Click > Expand the package
  2. Expand Pull group
  3. Left Click Drag the Strip Handle group up to the Pull group above
  4. Click on the Banding group
  5. Left Click - Shift Click Drag materials to the Banding group above
  6. Right Click > Delete Pull group
  7. Right Click > Delete Banding group
  8. Right Click > Delete the Pull Package group

Assign banding material in the Door Schedules

  • Splash Screen > Material Schedules

Follow these steps to give the banding the correct thickness - This will allow the UCS to activate.

  1. Select the Door category
  2. Expand the schedule Banding group
  3. Expand the Banding material group
  4. Left Click Drag 31mm banding material to 31mm Strip Handle part in the schedule
  5. Left Click Drag 35mm banding material to 35mm Strip Handle part in the schedule
  6. Right Click > Change Material in Multiple Schedules
  7. Click Apply to set the banding to all schedules for the selected part (Repeat 6 & 7 until all the new band materials have been assigned)

Order of UCS

  • Group UCS so it is easy to find in your list