Drawer System UCS - User Guide

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  • Cabinet Level Attributes - Drawer Options
    • Equal Bottom Reference
    • Front Stabiliser Quantity
    • Front Stabiliser Type
    • Grain Match Drawer Bank (S2ME)
    • Guide Spacer Type
    • Number Drawer Fronts with Marker Hole
    • Grain Match Fronts (Door/Drawer etc - for Solid Advanced and a higher level than S2M Essential)

Equal Bottom Reference

  • UCS checks the bottom reference of the bottom drawer (Cabinet must have a drawer at the bottom of the cabinet)
  • As the name suggests, the other drawers bottom clearance increases automatically so that the reference to the first hole is the same
  • Great for when you order doors in and the guys in the factory wish to use a drill press for drilling fronts

Front Stabilisers - Quantity and Type

  • If you create a drawer unit where the assembly is over 700mm wide, you'll get 1 front stabiliser
  • Use the 'Front Stabiliser Qty' attribute to override the number
  • Use the 'Front Stabiliser Type' attribute to switch between Blum and Grass front stabilisers

Grain Match Drawer Bank (for S2M Essential only)

  • Activate this grain match option to replace all lower drawer fronts with a single slab
  • Top drawer front is extended down
  • Routes are added to split the single panel back up on the nest
  • Front Clip, Stabiliser and Pull operations Y position is adjusted to suit cutter width

This Single Panel Method is for S2M Essential level only

Special Notes:

  • From Solid Advanced plus S2M Standard you are able to group original fronts on s single cabinet
  • From Solid Ultimate plus S2M Standard you are able to include fronts from adjacent cabinets into the group as well

Guide Spacer Bars and Blocks

  • Hafele 25mm Spacer Bar
  • Hafele 25mm Spacer
  • Wooden Spacer Block using GU-Gusset part (shown here as 25mm white panel edge banded top and front)

Note: The The Roll Out Clearance in the Material Schedule needs to match the Spacer Block material thickness and it will be used...

Number Drawer Fronts with Marker Hole

  • Marks drawer fronts so that grain matches can be assembled again easily
  • Also useful if drawers are to be slightly different sizes
  • Marks are still visible, underneath, after the front is connected to the drawer

The marker diameter default is 3mm - Edit 'ucs - Marker' in the Intelli-Joint Catalog to edit the drill diameter

Grain Match Fronts - Solid Advanced only

  • Activate to have single assemblies grain matched
  • Not limited to drawer banks
  • If you Doors and Drawer Fronts are grained, they will group together during the nest optimisation

Note: If you have Solid Ultimate, grain matching can be performed in Elevation View > Grain Match (Side Bar) > Right Click the Assembly > Create Group

  • And with Solid Ultimate other adjacent assemblies can be added to the group