Adjustable Shelf Pin Options - User Guide

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  • Line Bore settings in Assembly Construction
  • Setting your defaults in UCS Public Variables
  • Adjustable Shelf Part Attributes
  • Adding an extra support to the shelf

Line Bore settings in Assembly Construction

The UCS in this package works with Cabinet Vision Linebore method 'Bore only required holes'. Let's start by checking some of these settings in the assembly construction...

Note: I skip some settings here, where your decision is not important to the outcome.

a) Line Boring Style - Select 'Bore only required holes'

b) Select any number of holes - The number you wish to have as your default.

c) Line Boring Hole Diameter - I use 5mm in my example

d) Line Boring Hole Depth - I use 10mm in my example

e) Line Bore Spacing - All options are valid

f) All mid holes are supported in the package. All cabinet types are also supported

Setting your defaults in UCS Public Variables

In this section we look at where to choose your options

Choose default values for your work-station using the UCS Public Variables on the 'Joinery IT (Adjustable Shelves)' UCS

  • Here we can edit the values for the cam drilling, Shelf Bore and Shelf Rebate to suit the shelf supports you use at your business.

By changing the PC Default you will get that pin type on all new Adjustable Shelves added in Assembly Section View

Note: If cabinets are saved to the catalog with attributes preserved, the adjustable shelves will keep the option selected at the time they are saved

Adjustable Shelf - Part level attributes

a) To use side bar attributes...
Assembly Level > Use one of the 'Orthographic Views' > Left click on the 'Adjustable Shelf (AS)'

b) Shelf Pin (Number of Holes per Pin)
Enter any whole number here to override the number of holes drilled - In this example I've selected 1 hole on the top and bottom shelves and 9 holes on the center shelf.

b) Shelf Pin (Type) - Adjustable Pin with Shelf Rebate

c) Shelf Pin (Type) - Adjustable Pin with Shelf Bore

d) Section > Properties > Boring - Go here for Hole diameter, depth and set-backs

Adding an Extra Shelf Support

Finally, lets take a look at adding and moving holes around the shelf - In this example I copy a Mid Line Bore and move it closer to the back corner of Corner 90 cabinet

Note: You need Solid Advanced or Solid Ultimate to do this

a) Take the shelf to 'Part' level and for this sequence I recommend using 'Split Horizontal' or 'Split Vertical' view window mode

b) Using 'Front' and 'Report' views together

  1. Select the operation
  2. You get confirmation of the operation selected as it shows as red in the front view
  3. Right Click and copy the operation > Paste using the Clipboard on the ribbon bar
  4. Select the linebore we just created
  5. The 'Pos Y' value is the distance along the edge in a clockwise direction from the corner
  6. In my example I've entered 976 to place the linebore near the back corner

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